Who can apply for an account?
Site access is restricted to:
- Permanently employed staff of the Australian Public Service (including Commonwealth, State/Territory/Local government);
- Contractors who are engaged on a full-time or short-term (six months or less) basis to a single government agency (must provide a government sponsor);
- Industry security professionals/IT vendors that Defence/ASD has a formalised relationship/legal contract;
- Australian Defence Force employees;
- Members of any Australian law enforcement agency (sworn or unsworn);
- Members of any Australian Intelligence agency; and
- Currently-accredited members of the InfoSec-Registered Assessor Program.
Please note: We regret that consultants which have no formalised relationship with Defence/ASD are currently ineligible for membership to this site.
Please note: We regret that consultants are ineligible for membership to this site.
How do I apply?
Click on ‘Create New Account’ on the left hand side of the home page. Please use Firstname (space) Lastname as the format for your user account.

Each account application will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Please note: accounts may have been disabled if users have been inactive for six months or if usernames were not updated to the new format.
If your account has been disabled, please submit a request to dsd.assist@defence.gov.au to reactivate your account.