About OnSecure

What does OnSecure do?

OnSecure provides features such as:
  • the latest information security news;
  • details on information security activities and incidents;
  • access to ASD publications, presentations, policy, tools and guidelines;
  • access to ACSC, CSOC and CERT Australia alerts and advisories;
  • forums on information security topics; 
  • cyber security incident reporting; and
  • a way to provide feedback and seek assistance from ASD.

Who can apply for an account?

Site access is restricted to:

  • Permanently employed staff of the Australian Public Service (including Commonwealth, State/Territory/Local government);
  • Contractors who are engaged on a full-time or short-term (six months or less) basis to a single government agency (must provide a government sponsor);
  • Industry security professionals/IT vendors that Defence/ASD has a formalised relationship/legal contract;
  • Australian Defence Force employees;
  • Members of any Australian law enforcement agency (sworn or unsworn);
  • Members of any Australian Intelligence agency; and
  • Currently-accredited members of the Information Security Registered Assessors Program.

Please note: We regret that consultants which have no formalised relationship with Defence/ASD are currently ineligible for membership to this site.

How do I apply?

Click on ‘New Member' from the centre of the home page or top right-hand corner. Please use your email address as the format for your user account.

Please note: accounts may have been disabled if users have been inactive for six months.